Pravljenje 100% identicne kopije audio CD-a


3.5" Floppy
mislim da aspi drajveri nisu neophodni, imas one ugradjene.
evo upravo sam proverio
"First of all you should upgrade to a newer version of EAC, as ASPI is not absolutely necessary any more."


Super Audio CD
VIP član
gdje tacno treba da prekopiram wnaspi32.dll!?direktno u EAC's folder ili u neki od poddirektorijuma?
Koju verziju Win7 koristis? Postoji i 64bit verzija Adaptec ASPIja.
Ne kopira se u EAC folder vec u system32 (naXPu). Zapravo nije dovoljno kopirati samo taj fajl.
Potrazi Adaptec ASPI verziju 4.60.;)

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Izasao je EAC 1.0. Novo uputstvo sa opcijama iz nove verzije:

Software setup
Setting up Exact Audio Copy

* If your machine has SCSI hardware, and/or built in CD burner, you may need Adaptec's ASPI - download

* If you have Firewire or a USB/USB2 external burner you may use Nero's ASPI - download
(copy this file to the %SystemRoot%\system32\ or put it in the EAC's directory).

* If you're running EAC in a Virtual Machine (eg Parallels or VMWare), please contact a moderator.

EAC produces a number of files whose names differ only by their extension.
It's strongly recommended that you tell Windows (in Folder Options) not to hide file extensions.

Required Settings:

From the main menu bar, select EAC > EAC Options... (F9)

Tools tab:

* New image for EAC 1.0 Retrieve UPC/ISRC codes in CUE sheet generation: Unchecked
* Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation: Checked
* Create '.m3u' playlist on extraction: Checked
* Automatically write status report after extraction: Checked
* Append checksum to status report: Checked New feature for EAC 1.0
* Activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features: Unchecked


Extraction tab:

* Fill up missing offset samples with silence: Checked
* No use of null samples for CRC calculations : Unchecked
* Synchronize between tracks: Checked
* Delete leading and trailing silent blocks: Unchecked
* Skip track extraction on read or sync errors: Checked if you want to save time.
* Error recovery quality: High


General tab:

* New image for EAC 1.0 On unknown CDs, * select automatically access freedb database
* Use language: English selected
* Display times using frames: Checked
* New Since EAC uses frames for cuefile creation, we've decided for the sake of consistency to implement the use of frames for logfiles. Create logfiles always in english language language: Checked New feature for EAC 1.0


Normalize tab:

* Normalize: Unchecked (important!)

Filename tab:

* Naming Scheme: %N - %T
* Various Artists Naming Scheme: %N - %A - %T
* A single space on both sides of a hyphen. No leading or trailing spaces.
* Do not use the file naming scheme to define folder names. This will cause problems with the cue sheet and playlist.


From the main menu bar, select Action...

* Insert a CD and press F4 (Detect Gaps).
* Append Gaps To Previous Track (Default): Selected


IMPORTANT. If you see TWO lines of Leave Out Gaps, you have a faulty installation of EAC. REINSTALL.

From the main menu bar, select EAC > Drive Options... (F10)

Extraction Method tab:

* Secure modes (NOT Paranoid, Synchronized or Burst mode!)
o Drive has 'Accurate Stream' feature: Checked
o Drive caches audio data: Checked
o Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information: Unchecked >> Explanation


Offset/Speed tab:

* Use read sample offset correction: Automatically Selected Updated

o This option must be greyed out, since AccurateRip should have already set the appropriate one automatically. If it's still selectable, it means that AccurateRip has not yet performed the necessary setup. In order for the setup to occur, insert a popular or semi-popular CD while EAC is running (Do not insert the CD and then start EAC). Accuraterip should automatically setup the offset immediately thereafter.

* Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out: Unchecked, unless you're certain that your drive supports it.
* Allow speed reduction during extraction: Checked
* CD-Text Read capable drive: Checked
* Use AccurateRip with this drive: Checked


Gap Detection tab:

* Gap/Index retrieval method: this depends on your drive, you need to try which method works accurately.
* Select Method A and gap the disc 3 times. Write down the resulting gaps on each pass and compare them. In all 3 passes the gaps must be identical!! If they are not select Method B and do the same thing, if all 3 passes are not identical try Method C. Whichever method results in 3 passes with identical gaps is the method you should use.
* Detection accuracy: Secure


Handling of CD-Extra (CD Enhanced) Updated

Some CDs are "CD Enhanced" or "CD Extra", meaning in addition to the audio there is a data session. If you wish to include the extras, copy them with Explorer to your HD and put the contents into a ZIP/RAR-archive.
Place that archive in a subfolder "Misc" of your release directory. This way it's every downloader's responsibility whether or not to unpack/install the archive contents and e.g. infect his machine with the infamous Sony/BMG rootkit.

If the CD contains a data-track, the .cue file should be handled in a little different way:

* After the CUE has been created, it must be manually edited using a standard text editor


At the end of the CUE files, the row containing "Track XX MODEx/2xxx" and any row after that must be deleted. Typically these are the last four rows of the CUE file, although on rare occasions they may be the last five.

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Encoding/tagging with EAC (strongly recommended)

This procedure must be used when applying for Uploader status.

Download "FLAC for Windows with installer" from here OR download just the FLAC codec (most people will want the 32-bit .exe) here. Do not download the frontend separately, as you'll get an old version. Do not use alternative codecs such as Flake.

All below are EXAMPLE settings!

From the main menu bar, select EAC > EAC Options (F9) > Tools tab:

* New image for EAC 1.0 On extraction start external compressors queued in the background: Checked
* Use [ 1] simultaneous external compressor thread(s)
* Do not open external compressor window: Checked (leave it unchecked for debugging)


From the main menu bar, select EAC > Compression Options (F11) > ...

* Offset tab: No longer in EAC 1.0, relaced by comment tab
* ID3 Tag tab: Everything: Unchecked

External Compression tab:

* Use external program for compression: Checked
* Parameter passing scheme: User Definied Encoder
* Use file extension: .flac
* Program, including path, used for compression: specify path to flac.exe
* Additional commandline options:

Compression level must be 5 or higher. 8 is recommended. Artist, title, album and track number tags are mandatory.
Don't use ReplayGain tags, other tags are optional. Do not mention Pedro's in comment tags.
An omitted tag is better than an inaccurate tag!

The following example is appropriate if you're using level 8 compression:
-8 -V -T "ARTIST=%a" -T "TITLE=%t" -T "ALBUM=%g" -T "DATE=%y" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%n" -T "TOTALTRACKS=%x" -T "GENRE=%m" -T "ALBUMARTIST=%v" -T "ALBUM ARTIST=%v" -T "COMMENT=EAC Secure Mode, Test & Copy, AccurateRip, FLAC -8" %s

* Bitrate: doesn't matter
* Delete WAV after compression: Checked (or leave unchecked - wavs won't be deleted)
* Use CRC check: Checked
* Add ID3 Tag: Unchecked (FLAC has own tags)
* High quality/low quality: doesn't matter
* Check for external programs return code: Checked
* New image for EAC 1.0


Remember to press shift-F6 (not F6) when ripping, otherwise EAC will not compress/tag!
Also remember not to close EAC immediately after ripping, look at status bar: the last track might still be compressing.

Afterwards, do not change the tags or reencode without explanation. The log must correspond to the final files.

FLAC frontend (not required if encoding with EAC)

Download "FLAC for Windows with installer" from here. Do not download the frontend separately, as you'll get an old version. Do not use alternative codecs such as Flake.

Required FLAC frontend Settings:

* Level: 5 or higher (Level 8 is recommended)
* Verify: Checked
* Add tags: Checked if you want to add tags (recommended), but make sure you click the Tag Conf. button to set the correct tags first.
* Replaygain: Unchecked
* When that is done, click Encode. When the encoding is done you can also make a Fingerprint.


If you don't/can't use the Windows-only flac frontend you can create the fingerprint file on the commandline:

metaflac --with-filename --show-md5sum *.flac >fingerprint.txt

Ripping and .cue creation

EAC produces files with names that differ only by the extension. It's strongly recommended that you configure Windows to show all extensions in Control Panel/Folder Options/View.

1. Put in the CD. :)
2. F4 (Detect Gaps). If the first track is RED, there is a hidden track! See the section below.

3. F3 (Test Gaps On Silence). If the first track has "no gap" or it's 100% silent, skip to step 9. Explanation.
4. Select just track 1.
5. Alt-X (Copy Selected Tracks Indexed-Based). Retry if there are errors.
6. Rename the log "Pregap.log" .
7. Delete the track starting with the name 01.01 .
8. Encode and rename the remaining track "00 - Pregap.flac" . Tagging this small file is optional.

9. Set the Various Artists option in the main page as applicable.
10. Check and edit any track names obtained from the internet.
For Various Artists, the names MUST be in Artist / Title format. Explanation.
11. Delete the log from any previous rip of this CD's main tracks, else EAC will append the new log to the old one.
12. Ctrl-a (select all tracks).
13. EAC > Menu Action > Create CUE Sheet, Multiple WAV Files With Gaps... (Noncompliant).
14. Shift-F6 (Test & Copy Selected Tracks) (without Shift, if encoding later)

* * if CD contains a data-track - see 'Handling of CD-Extra' above.

Check the CRCs after each rip - each pair must match:


Check at the end for a There were errors message.

DO NOT rip the CD to one large file. Such torrents will be deleted.

Handling tracks hidden before track 1 (rare)

If EAC shows track 1 in RED, there is a track hidden in the pregap! Otherwise, ignore this section.

Such tracks can only be played in a normal CD player by rewinding past the normal start point, if the player permits this.
While playing this hidden track, the player will normally show a countdown to the start of the first normal track.

Some drives cannot rip track 1 pregaps, their rips will be entirely silent (play the entire file to be sure) and EAC will report silence when testing with F3. The only remedy is to rip with another drive.

1. Select track 1 in EAC, and press Alt-Shift-X (without Shift if you don't compress/tag with EAC).
This will produce a log and two flac (or wav) files. Note that there's no test and copy option with this operation and no CRC in the log.
2. Check the log for error messages. If you see any, clean the CD and restart.
Note that the AccurateRip messages "Track 1 not ripped completely" and "No tracks could be verified as accurate" are not error messages and can be ignored.
3. Play all of the file with a name starting with "01.00". If it's entirely silent, restart using a different drive.
4. Rename that file. Use "00 - Hidden Track.flac" if the track title is unknown, else use "00 - " followed by the track title.
5. Rename the log "Hidden Track.log".
6. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to create a second rip for comparison with the first.
7. Perform a binary comparison of the new 01.00 file and the track that you renamed.
One way is to use the DOS command fc /b "file name 1" " file name 2".
Another way is to create md5 fingerprints of the the two files and compare those.
8. If the files are not identical, restart.
9. Include Hidden Track.log and the encoded hidden track file in your torrent. Discard the other files.
10. Rip the unhidden tracks in the normal way, from step 9 in the section above.
11. Create and include an extra cue sheet that will burn all tracks including the hidden track. See here.
If you have any trouble, send Bonzo the standard cue sheet by PM and he'll send back the extra one that you need.
12. Create and include an extra edited .m3u playlist with the hidden track at the top of the list.
13. Make a prominent note about the hidden track in your torrent description and info.txt file.


3.5" Floppy
da li se neko sretao sa greškom u liniji 7 ?


3.5" Floppy
Instalirao sam posldenji EAC 1.03b u nameri da ripujem nekoliko diskova u flac. Podesio sam softvare preko dosta upustava na netu koji su identicni i ovom ovde, testirao dvd rom (nema disk cashe ali ima accurate rip i c2), testirao flac encoder i sve je to proslo OK. Kada ubacim cd testiranje track-ova takodje prolazi bez problema ali kada krene da rip-uje izbaci cuvenu File creation error. Menjao sam adittional code liniju u compression opcijama jer vidim po netu da je to jedan od uzroka za ovakvu gresku ali dzaba. Hoce da izbaci ovakvu gresku jer putanja do lokacije fajla ima previse karaktera ali kod mene je to sasvim prosecno 2 foldera svaki po jedna rec od 4-5 slova, nista spektakularno, nazivi pesama takodje kratki. ..nece pa nece...Nece ni uncompresed (wav) rip da odradi i prijavi istu gresku. Jedino sto hoce je Image ali kada pokusam da preko cue fajla u Medieval cue splitteru podelim veliki fajl na manje izbaci samo play listu ali ne i fajlove...
Koristim w7 64bit...Ako imate neki tip bio bih zahvalan..:wave:


3.5" Floppy
Evo da odgovorim sam sebi a mozda pomogne i nekom drugom.Naterao sam eac 1.03.b da radi. Reinstalirao sma aplikaciju i i proradila je :d Jedina razlika je sto sam u medjuvremenu instalirao Monkey audio ali ne vidim zasto bi to pomoglo i nateralo aplikaciju da ne izbacuje file creation error. U svakom slucaju radi to je najbitnije. Setovanje sam podesio odavde. Drive offset vrednost sam pronasao ovde i voila :wave:

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Ako ti EAC sam preprozna uredjaj ( a zasto ne bi) sam ce namestiti drive offset.
Poslednja izmena:


3.5" Floppy
Nije prepoznao jer je Accuraterip opcija inactivna (grey) a zasto ko ce ga znati, moguce je da sam pri prvoj instalaciji (pre reinstaliranja) odbio upisivanje mejla i licnih podataka jer to radim po automatizmu na svakoj instalaciji pa je iskljucio Accurate rip opciju. Kada sam reinstalirao aplikaciju video sam da je pokupio iz registrija stara setovanja pa sam ponovo sve setovao ispocetka ukljucujuci i drive test...btw, juce sam ripovao jedan cd gde mi je poslednje dve pesme bukvalno ripovao 3,5 sata...citao je neke greseke pa dok ih je poravljao itd...horor ali opet odlican kvalitet i vredi aplikacija svaku paru (free) :d


Super Audio CD
VIP član
Ni meni taj accuraterip nije radio dok mu nisam ubacio original CD. :)


3.5" Floppy
Sada sam gledao i bilo da je ili rutracker - mnogi FLAC albumi nemaju log checksum. Zašto je to tako? Zašto uploaderi ne stavljaju log checksum sa svakim upload-ovanim albumom?

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Zato što je to novija opcija, nije ranije postojala.

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Pošto dosta ljudi ne razume uopšte čemu služi i gde su greške u log fajlu, evo pokazano na jednom primeru:

Primer lošeg .log fajla

Used drive : SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-308B Adapter: 1 ID: 0

Read mode : Burst
Utilize accurate stream : Yes
Defeat audio cache : No
Make use of C2 pointers : Yes

Read offset correction : 0
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No
Fill up missing offset samples with silence : No
Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : Yes
Null samples used in CRC calculations : No
Used interface : Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000
Gap handling : Not detected, thus appended to previous track

Used output format : User Defined Encoder
Selected bit rate : 1024 kBit/s
Quality : High
Add ID3 tag : Yes
Command line compressor : C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components\flac.exe

Track 1
Filename C:\My Torrents\Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris\01 - Lykathea Aflame - Land Where Sympathy Is Air.wav

Pre-gap length 0:00:02.00

Peak level 99.9 %
Track quality 100.0 %
Test CRC 0718DF52
Copy CRC 0718DF52
Copy OK

Track 5
Filename C:\Documents and Settings\Joe\My Documents\Downloads\z v0 albums\Back to mine (mp3 v0)\Death in Vegas\05 - Death in Vegas - Songs- Ohia , Soul.wav

Suspicious position 0:02:46
Suspicious position 0:02:49

Missing samples

Peak level 0.0 %
Track quality 98.9 %

Copy finished

Track 7
Filename C:\Documents and Settings\Chriso\My Documents\Uploaded Torrent\Dreadzone - Sound\07 - Different Planets.wav

Peak level 97.9 %
Copy CRC 103045EA

Copy OK

No tracks could be verified as accurate
You may have a different pressing from the one(s) in the database

There were errors

End of status report

Critical problems

The following points are the critical problems in this log:

Read Mode: This should be secure, not burst. Extremely important!
Read offset correction: You can check in an online database to see if this offset is correct for the drive that you have used. (Note that occasionally drives with the same name have different offsets.)
Defeat audio cache: Most drives have a cache, so this should almost always be yes.
Fill up missing offset samples with silence: Should be 'yes'.
Delete leading and trailing silent blocks: Should be 'no'.
Null samples used in CRC calculations: Should be 'yes'.
Gap handling: Should be 'Appended to previous track'.
Add ID3 tag: This should be 'no' for non-MP3 rips.
Track 1: Should always have a line indicating pre-gap length. If that's not present, you did not detect gaps before ripping. The example above in green is how it should look.
Track 5: Lines with Suspicious position are bad, just like the line Missing samples. And Copy finished is bad, too: it would say 'Copy OK' if the track was copied without errors.
Track 7: The CRCs don't match - this is bad.

Minor problems

Things that aren't definitely issues and would require investigating in some cases, but are possibly not good:

Make use of C2 pointers: Very few drives fully support C2, so this should usually be no.
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out: This should be supported by the drive, particularly if it has an offset. If this is 'yes' and no errors occur, then that's better than it being no.
Summary: No tracks could be verified as accurate: You may have a different pressing from the one(s) in the AccurateRip database, but if the summary states 'All tracks accurately ripped', then you can be almost certain that the rip went absolutely fine as far as getting the correct audio data goes. If it doesn't say 'All tracks accurately ripped', you can't be sure of anything. Maybe the rip went wrong, maybe you have a different pressing.

What is a non-audio deduction?

A non-audio deduction is a deduction for any setting which, while required for a 100% log score, does not affect the resulting audio data. These deductions are worth 1 point each.

These are the non-audio logchecker deductions

Not ripped with EAC v1.0 or higher, -1 point
Log checksum not used, -1 point
Gaps not detected/appended to previous track, -1 point (does not affect audio data)
Not using null samples (does not affect audio data), -1 point
The rip was not done in secure mode. While this does not necessarily mean that the rip itself is bad, it is a very poor setting, and will cause massive additional point deductions if the other settings are not perfect. -1 point
No "Scan ReplayGain" info (does not affect audio data), -1 point
XLD version 2010/01/23-2010/07/04 log with AccurateRip enabled but cannot verify gaps detected, -1 point (does not affect audio data)

Additionally, range rips which can be rescored according to count as having a non-audio deduction.

What does this mean?

FLAC/Log rips with only non-audio deductions can trump those rips which have audio deductions. This means that, for example, a rip which scores 99% due to being ripped in EAC 0.95 or 0.99 can trump a rip with a CRC mismatch, and an EAC 1.0+ rip without the checksum or gap detection can trump a rip made with the wrong offset correction.

Only a 100% rip can trump a rip with exclusively non-audio deductions.

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Provera log fajla da li je original tj. da nije editovan:

Otvorite Notepad i iskopirate sledeći tekst:

@echo off
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Audio Copy\CheckLog.exe" %1

Bitno je da je drugi red tačno link to EAC podprograma Checklog.exe (podrazumeva se da imate instaliran Exact Audio Copy) u zavisnosti od vašeg sistema će putanja da se razlikuje, ovo je putanja do fajla u Win7x64
Snimite fajl kao bilokako.txt
Preimenujete .txt u .bat
Stavite ga negde zgodno gde može da se pristupa, može na desktop.

Log fajl koji hoćete da proverite prevučete i ubacite u bat fajl, a on će odraditi dalje.

Napomena: log fajl mora da sadrži log checksum inače ovo nema smisla.

a c a

3.5" Floppy
Lista CD i DVD uređaja po kvalitetu ripovanja:

Top Drives

Drive: ASUS - BW-16D1HT (373 users): Submissions: 5101 accurate, 22 inaccurate, 99.5706 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-R UJ-898 (189 users): Submissions: 4451 accurate, 22 inaccurate, 99.5082 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-208M (164 users): Submissions: 6488 accurate, 37 inaccurate, 99.4329 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-R UJ-85J (99 users): Submissions: 4842 accurate, 28 inaccurate, 99.4251 % accuracy
Drive: ASUS - BC-12D2HT (189 users): Submissions: 5827 accurate, 35 inaccurate, 99.4029 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-S09 (155 users): Submissions: 17154 accurate, 104 inaccurate, 99.3974 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-207M (247 users): Submissions: 11524 accurate, 78 inaccurate, 99.3277 % accuracy
Drive: ATAPI - iHES208 2 (91 users): Submissions: 14399 accurate, 100 inaccurate, 99.3103 % accuracy
Drive: Slimtype - DVD A DS8A4SH (109 users): Submissions: 4644 accurate, 34 inaccurate, 99.2732 % accuracy
Drive: ATAPI - iHAS124 W (206 users): Submissions: 9756 accurate, 72 inaccurate, 99.2674 % accuracy
Drive: Slimtype - BD E DS6E2SH (60 users): Submissions: 4686 accurate, 38 inaccurate, 99.1956 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD+-RW GT30N (42 users): Submissions: 18965 accurate, 158 inaccurate, 99.1738 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-RAM UJ-812 (50 users): Submissions: 6380 accurate, 55 inaccurate, 99.1453 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-S08 (137 users): Submissions: 13223 accurate, 119 inaccurate, 99.1081 % accuracy
Drive: LITE-ON - CD-RW SOHR-5238S (83 users): Submissions: 11120 accurate, 101 inaccurate, 99.0999 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GT34N (125 users): Submissions: 4172 accurate, 38 inaccurate, 99.0974 % accuracy
Drive: PLDS - DVD-RW DS8A8SH (254 users): Submissions: 11300 accurate, 104 inaccurate, 99.0880 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-ROM BDC-207D (95 users): Submissions: 2669 accurate, 27 inaccurate, 98.9985 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - CD-RW CW-8124 (40 users): Submissions: 6751 accurate, 69 inaccurate, 98.9883 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-XD05 (323 users): Submissions: 9237 accurate, 95 inaccurate, 98.9820 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - DVD-ROM TS-H352C (125 users): Submissions: 7830 accurate, 82 inaccurate, 98.9636 % accuracy
Drive: hp - CDDVDW TS-H653T (130 users): Submissions: 5854 accurate, 62 inaccurate, 98.9520 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-RAM UJ8C0 (202 users): Submissions: 5072 accurate, 55 inaccurate, 98.9272 % accuracy
Drive: PLEXTOR - DVD-ROM PX-116A2 (56 users): Submissions: 2020 accurate, 22 inaccurate, 98.9226 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - BD-CMB UJ160 (139 users): Submissions: 6015 accurate, 66 inaccurate, 98.9147 % accuracy
Drive: hp - BDDVDRW CH20L (105 users): Submissions: 5307 accurate, 59 inaccurate, 98.9005 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - DVD+-RW SN-208BB (186 users): Submissions: 8837 accurate, 100 inaccurate, 98.8811 % accuracy
Drive: ATAPI - DVD A DH24ABS (58 users): Submissions: 4194 accurate, 48 inaccurate, 98.8685 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-RAM UJ-852 (151 users): Submissions: 6576 accurate, 76 inaccurate, 98.8575 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - DVD-RW DVR-106D (172 users): Submissions: 4124 accurate, 48 inaccurate, 98.8495 % accuracy
Drive: hp - DVD A DH16ABLH (164 users): Submissions: 9055 accurate, 106 inaccurate, 98.8429 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-209M (363 users): Submissions: 8108 accurate, 97 inaccurate, 98.8178 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - BD-MLT UJ260AF (202 users): Submissions: 5987 accurate, 72 inaccurate, 98.8117 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-209 (108 users): Submissions: 7098 accurate, 87 inaccurate, 98.7891 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - BD-MLT UJ260 (111 users): Submissions: 6660 accurate, 82 inaccurate, 98.7837 % accuracy
Drive: hp - DVDRAM GT50N (185 users): Submissions: 5247 accurate, 65 inaccurate, 98.7764 % accuracy
Drive: PLEXTOR - CD-R PX-W2410A (134 users): Submissions: 7506 accurate, 94 inaccurate, 98.7632 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-5280S (172 users): Submissions: 13964 accurate, 178 inaccurate, 98.7413 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - CDDVDW SH-216BB (97 users): Submissions: 10933 accurate, 140 inaccurate, 98.7357 % accuracy
Drive: OPTIARC - DVD RW AD-5680H (90 users): Submissions: 4045 accurate, 52 inaccurate, 98.7308 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - DVD-RAM UJ862AS (210 users): Submissions: 5687 accurate, 74 inaccurate, 98.7155 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - DVD+-RW TS-U633J (210 users): Submissions: 4600 accurate, 61 inaccurate, 98.6913 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-7243S (126 users): Submissions: 4520 accurate, 60 inaccurate, 98.6900 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - BD-RE BH16NS40 (807 users): Submissions: 20102 accurate, 268 inaccurate, 98.6843 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD+-RW GH70N (128 users): Submissions: 7545 accurate, 101 inaccurate, 98.6790 % accuracy
Drive: PLEXTOR - CD-R PX-230A (143 users): Submissions: 7377 accurate, 100 inaccurate, 98.6626 % accuracy
Drive: LITE-ON - DVDRW SHM-165H6S (193 users): Submissions: 12100 accurate, 166 inaccurate, 98.6467 % accuracy
Drive: PLEXTOR - DVD-ROM PX-130A (236 users): Submissions: 8044 accurate, 112 inaccurate, 98.6268 % accuracy
Drive: Slimtype - DVD A DS8A4S (134 users): Submissions: 6232 accurate, 87 inaccurate, 98.6232 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - BD-RE BH10LS38 (529 users): Submissions: 19129 accurate, 269 inaccurate, 98.6133 % accuracy
Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-XD04 (183 users): Submissions: 6009 accurate, 85 inaccurate, 98.6052 % accuracy
Drive: hp - DVD-RAM UJ8B1 (152 users): Submissions: 4057 accurate, 58 inaccurate, 98.5905 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - CDDVDW TS-L633J (161 users): Submissions: 4995 accurate, 72 inaccurate, 98.5790 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - CD-DVDW SH-S183A (536 users): Submissions: 35368 accurate, 511 inaccurate, 98.5758 % accuracy
Drive: MATSHITA - BD-MLT UJ240AF (111 users): Submissions: 5090 accurate, 74 inaccurate, 98.5670 % accuracy
Drive: PLDS - DVD-RW DH16ACSH (48 users): Submissions: 4464 accurate, 66 inaccurate, 98.5430 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GT30N (670 users): Submissions: 15705 accurate, 233 inaccurate, 98.5381 % accuracy
Drive: PLDS - DVD+-RW DU-8A2S (119 users): Submissions: 6385 accurate, 95 inaccurate, 98.5339 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - RW-DVD GCC-4244N (170 users): Submissions: 8275 accurate, 126 inaccurate, 98.5002 % accuracy

Worst of the pack

Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD+RW GCA-4040N (106 users): Submissions: 5229 accurate, 286 inaccurate, 94.8141 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD-RAM GH10L (193 users): Submissions: 8240 accurate, 301 inaccurate, 96.4758 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD-RW GSA-H60L (137 users): Submissions: 5387 accurate, 346 inaccurate, 93.9648 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVD-RW_GSA-H41N (79 users): Submissions: 13660 accurate, 1315 inaccurate, 91.2187 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GH60N (218 users): Submissions: 15471 accurate, 1469 inaccurate, 91.3282 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GSA-H44N (258 users): Submissions: 12625 accurate, 800 inaccurate, 94.0410 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GSA-H62L (96 users): Submissions: 6654 accurate, 681 inaccurate, 90.7157 % accuracy
Drive: HL-DT-ST - DVDRAM GSA-H62N (557 users): Submissions: 21968 accurate, 1829 inaccurate, 92.3142 % accuracy
Drive: LITE-ON - DVDRW SOHW-832S (139 users): Submissions: 5124 accurate, 335 inaccurate, 93.8633 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-5170A (393 users): Submissions: 16199 accurate, 1193 inaccurate, 93.1405 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-7170S (385 users): Submissions: 14484 accurate, 1137 inaccurate, 92.7213 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-7560A (286 users): Submissions: 9952 accurate, 822 inaccurate, 92.3705 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD RW AD-7700H (178 users): Submissions: 4986 accurate, 490 inaccurate, 91.0519 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD+-RW AD-5170S (98 users): Submissions: 7283 accurate, 498 inaccurate, 93.5998 % accuracy
Drive: Optiarc - DVD+-RW AD-5560A (160 users): Submissions: 5289 accurate, 370 inaccurate, 93.4617 % accuracy
Drive: PHILIPS - DVD+-RW SDVD8820 (226 users): Submissions: 9428 accurate, 651 inaccurate, 93.5410 % accuracy
Drive: SONY - DVD RW DRU-510A (118 users): Submissions: 14310 accurate, 1693 inaccurate, 89.4207 % accuracy
Drive: SONY - DVD RW DRU-870S (42 users): Submissions: 656 accurate, 38 inaccurate, 94.5245 % accuracy
Drive: TOSHIBA - DVD-ROM SD-M1612 (206 users): Submissions: 7404 accurate, 458 inaccurate, 94.1745 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - CD-DVDW TS-L632M (119 users): Submissions: 16964 accurate, 903 inaccurate, 94.9460 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - CDDVDW TS-L633L (191 users): Submissions: 5088 accurate, 315 inaccurate, 94.1699 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - DVD+-RW TS-L532B (110 users): Submissions: 4839 accurate, 477 inaccurate, 91.0271 % accuracy
Drive: TSSTcorp - DVD-ROM TS-H353B (191 users): Submissions: 4325 accurate, 240 inaccurate, 94.7426 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD+RW ND-1100A (103 users): Submissions: 10784 accurate, 637 inaccurate, 94.4226 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-2500A (350 users): Submissions: 10037 accurate, 700 inaccurate, 93.4805 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-3520A (478 users): Submissions: 24203 accurate, 1433 inaccurate, 94.4102 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-3520AW (457 users): Submissions: 14330 accurate, 1077 inaccurate, 93.0097 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-3530A (41 users): Submissions: 6066 accurate, 345 inaccurate, 94.6186 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-3550A (800 users): Submissions: 35193 accurate, 1912 inaccurate, 94.8471 % accuracy
Drive: _NEC - DVD_RW ND-3570A (43 users): Submissions: 2096 accurate, 186 inaccurate, 91.8493 % accuracy
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